Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For the forth of July this year the girls and I went with my family to the Cabin.  Dave had to work so he wasn't able to come with us.  It was a lot of fun and here are some of the things we did.  We went to the parade on Saturday morning.  It was a really good parade.  At times it was a little too loud and the girls didn't like it, but all in all they had a really good time.  Emmabelle spent most of it in hiding.  She hid behind the stroller and watched it from there.  Avery liked the floats that handed out candy, but got upset because she wasn't fast enough to get it. The weather was great.  I was so glad we weren't in Safford where it was high ninetys to low hundreds.
Waiting for the parade to arrive.
The anticipation is too much.
Avery with Grandma Mortensen
Nicole, Clint, and Marshall
Steve Owens, Lori, and Emmabelle in hiding
Waiting for the candy.
Grandma coaxed her out.
The coolest float ever.  Wait for it...
Stand Up for the Constitution.
On Monday the fifth we went to Reservation Lake.  It was lots of fun except we all forgot sunscreen and got a little toasted.

She loved the water, but wasn't so fond of the wind.
I was really proud of Avery on Sunday she set a really good example for all of us.  She really wanted to go to primary so my Mom and I stayed so that she could go to primary.  I just couldn't justify telling her she couldn't go that is where she should be and she did great.  She went all by herself and stayed the whole time.  I guess I am doing something right, or maybe I should give the credit to primary.

Potty trained kid

We are now officially a diaper free home.  Emmabelle took the leap out of diapers.  For the longest time I wasn't sure it was going to be very easy to potty train her.  She didn't want to sit on the potty seat.  So we bought a small pool for the kids and told Emmabelle that she couldn't pee in the pool.  Of course she did a couple of times, but then she caught on and started to tell us that she needed to go to the bathroom.  I would get her out and say lets go sit on the potty.  She didn't want to so being outside and in a swim suit I just told her to pee on the ground.  After a couple times of being successful by getting out of the pool and peeing on the ground I said that is it if you can do this you can pee in the potty.  I gave away most of the diapers and put her in big girl panties.  Gummy bears where her treat and that was all it took.  She has only had a couple of accidents.  It was a little more difficult to get her to poop on the potty, but after bribing her with makeup like Avery's which was really just lip gloss, she was successful.  It ended up being a lot easier than I thought and I am so glad to get rid of that expense.

The Park

So I love living in Arizona.  It's home, but the summers are a killer.  Everyday is the same conversation.  Mom can you take us to the park.  No, it is too hot I don't want to go to the park.  Lame Mom I know, but I hate being out in the heat and sweating.  Besides they are out there two minutes and are hot and need a drink and want to go in so why go to all the trouble in the first place.  The weather is finally starting to change now and we have ventured to the park more frequently which makes the kids happy.  Only problem is even though it isn't as hot outside amd you can stand to be out there the sun still makes it next to impossible to play on any of the slides.  These park planners weren't very good at planning.  The shade is very limited and all the toys and swings are in the sun.  I can't wait for the autumn days to get here. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Kid Likes Church

January 27,2010

Yesterday when we were getting ready for the morning Emmabelle picked out a skirt outfit to wear. This isn't unusual she likes to wear dresses and skirts. The only thing that was different yesterday was as we were putting it on she kept repeating a word. It took me a while to figure it out, she was trying to tell me she wanted to go to church. I explained that it wasn't Sunday and that we weren't going to church today. She was so sad. She started whining and gave me an almost real, fake cry. She is getting pretty good at the fake crying, but yesterday it was on the verge of a real cry.

What I want to be when I grow up.

January 27, 2010

When having conversations with Avery about what she wants to be when she grows up she usually says she wants to be a mommy. Last night on the way home from a birthday party we were talking about it again. Deven the little boy I watch was saying that he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up. Avery at first gave her normal answer by saying she wanted to be a mom when she grows up, but soon after she said: “When I grow up I want to be allergic.” She said it like it was something so awesome. As I was laughing I asked her what she wanted to be allergic to and she replied without missing a beat “College” By then I was laughing so hard. I didn't realize that was a hereditary trait and man is she in trouble because she gets it from both sides.

Who's baby are you?

January 27, 2010

Lately we have been asking Emmabelle the question: “Who's baby are you, mommy's or daddy's?” Her response without fail has been: “Avery's baby.” I guess if someone tries really hard to be your mommy all day long it eventually rubs off. Avery mothers Emmabelle so much it honestly drives me crazy. I constantly have to remind her that she is her sister and a kid not the mommy.

Loir Boots

January 2010

Emmabelle has become quite attached to a pair of pink boots that we had handed down to us. She always wants to wear them when we go anywhere. She has a very special name for them also. She doesn't just ask to wear her boots she asks to wear her Lodi (Lori) boots. She knows that they are boots just like her Aunt Lori wears. She loves her boots and she loves her Aunt Lori.

Park Progress

January 2010

Avery is a very cautious girl. She doesn't like to try new things and isn't easily persuaded to do so. The last few times we went to the park she has gotten an adventurous bone in her that I have no idea where it came from. She started with climbing one of the rock walls that puts you up to a slide platform. She didn't take the stairs very uncharacteristic of her. Then she decided to go down one of the bigger slides. She is very comfortable with the little slide, but you couldn't even get her to slide down a big slide while holding her hand. All she wanted was you to catch her at the bottom. This might not sound like anything big, but it was huge for us. We have also been trying to get her to go down the cork screw slide but she would have nothing of it. Today after she saw Emmabelle go down by herself she wanted to give it a try. She even climbed the ladder to the slide which isn't a standard ladder, it curves up to the platform so you have to climb the curve. I was a little nervous about this one, but she didn't even hesitate. Very proud moment for me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

As always this Christmas turned out to be great. We spent Christmas with Dave's family this year in Mesa. But I guess we should start at the beginning.

We were able to decorate our tree a couple of weeks before Christmas. The girls had a lot of fun putting their ornaments on the tree. It turned out pretty dang cute if you ask me.

On Christmas Eve we started our celebrations with Clint and Nicole's family to celebrate Merry's birthday. Avery and Emmabelle had a good time at the party. Once Dave got off work we headed to Mesa. That evening we went to John's house for a Christmas Eve dinner/program. Tom and Sarah did a couple of musical numbers that were just beautiful. With Tom on the piano and Sarah playing the violin. They both did an awesome job.

As Grandpa Hartman read out of Luke 2 the kids acted out the nativity. Avery was so excited to be Mary. I think it was mostly due to getting to hold the baby. McKay being the only boy played Joseph. Annie and Sadie were shepherds, and Emmabelle was the cutest little angel (I am biased though).

After the nativity the kids sang two songs. Christmas Bells are Ringing, and The Shepherds Carol. They did a pretty good job.

Grandpa Great Hartman and Uncle Kern also made it to the festivities. So of course we had to get pictures of them with him. Before we went to bed the girls sprinkled Magic Reindeer food out so that Santa would be able to find us at Uncle John's house. Christmas morning the girls were so excited to see what was in their stockings. Avery took each piece of candy out one by one. It was super cute. Emmabelle went straight for the chocolate.

Christmas present opening ceremonies took place at James and Sylvia's house. All the kids were so excited and there were a ton of presents.

Emmabelle did a good job opening her presents for the first five or so and then she just wanted to play. She didn't open anymore I ended up finishing for her. Avery on the other hand was super excited about opening the presents and didn't want to stop. She just opened one right after the other. She was very excited about the trike she got from Santa and the tea set she asked for. Emmabelle got a radio flyer scooter from Santa. I think her favorite present was the ball that Grandma Hartman got her. She does like her scooter now that she knows what it is.

Later that day we went over to Dan and Sarah's for Christmas lunch. We first went to the park to take a family picture since everyone was there. That was an experience in itself. Some of the adults were just as bad as the kids. It took patience and quite a few shots, but hopefully we got a good one out of it. The food was good as always. There was one tragedy and that was when Emmabelle fell and hit her mouth on the corner of the kids table. Blood everywhere and the poor thing ended up with a fat lip. She has recovered nicely. We got back to Safford around 9:30 that night. It was a great Christmas.

Today being the last Sunday of the year Avery graduated from nursery. She attended closing excercises as a Sunbeam and was so excited to be there. We are having her first primary activity on Saturday, a get to know your teacher breakfast. It should be lots of fun. The Bishopric is cooking for us.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekend in Flagstaff

This last weekend the 3-6 we were able to take a trip to Flagstaff to visit Dave's parents. We left Thursday evening after Dave got off work. Friday we were able to do a little shopping. The girls played at the Mall, Avery sat on Santa's lap, and we were able to have a nice dinner at Olive Garden with Dave's parents and sister. Saturday we lounged around most of the morning. We went and took a family picture which was quite a project. We ended up using the timer on my camera and setting it up on the tripod. Not to mention it was freezing cold and so we had to bribe the kids to take a really fast picture. The got a kick out of me running to get in the picture so we actually had one turn out pretty decent. That was my only goal. I didn't care if I had a lot to choose from I just wanted one good picture. Mission accomplished. We went back to Grandma's and Grandpa's and had hot chocolate which is now Avery's favoite. That night we went to Clay and Mary's ward party. The girls got to see Santa again (aka. Papa dressed in a Santa suit). Neither one of them had a clue that it was him. Emmabelle didn't like Santa. I ended up having to hold her next to him and take a picture with them. Later we went back and got a family picture with him. I will post those pictures once I get them. Sunday morning we just spent time with Dave's family before they went to church and then we packed up and headed out just in the nick of time. Within the next couple of days they got about 20-24 in. of snow. It was a nice relaxing weekend and we had so much fun.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. As always there was way to much food, and it was all very delicious. We went to Animas for the occasion. We left Wednesday evening after Dave got off work. We spent Thursday morning getting everything ready for the big feast, and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We had a big group this year so we decided to have the dinner at the church. Those in attendance were my parents, my sister Lori, Clint Nicole and their kids, Uncle David and Aunt Rosanne, my cousin David, Trina Guy and their kids, Uncle Tom and Aunt Paula, and Dave and I with our kids, about 25 in all. Dad tried and experimental Turkey recipe which turn out pretty good. The kids all had fun playing with cousin Davey jumping off the stage. The boys were able to do some dog hunting in the morning and evening. I am not sure they ever got one which is hard to believe when they are literally out the back door every night, but they always have fun anyway. Dave had to come home Thanksgiving evening due to work, but the girls and I stayed another day. We had fun playing with Grandpa and Grandma and cousins. They flew kites. Marcy and Emmabelle were able to ride a mule. The kids had a great time helping Grandma decorate for Christmas. They really enjoyed decorating the tree. We really had an enjoyable time with our family.
Early morning food preparations. The kids just have to help.
Trying to fly kites. It was a little too windy for the tiny kites.
Roof retrieval.

Merry flying her kite.

Avery and Cousin David

Jumping off the stage.

Avery got pretty brave and would jump pretty far for a little girl.

Emmabelle and Grandma Mortensen

Too cute not to post.

Trying to shoot hoops. She would pick up the ball and back up to Aunt Lori and say Up High so Lori would pick her up.

What a face. Levi Kellogg

Decorating Grandma's Tree

The finished product.